Be inspired by the dawn of eco initiatives at 11 Cove Street. Right here and now, New Bedford and the Southcoast region of Massachusetts are working to transform the local economy and green the culture.

Friday, October 15, 2010

In the Past Year

It is hard to believe, but more than a year has gone by in the planning of the Sustainability Incubator at Cove Street. Using a network of connections made through the Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability, a collaborative team worked to develop a vision and fund a comprehensive center to "take charge and make change" in the region.

To date here is the layout of the Center with nearly two-thirds of the space available to be filled by enterprises ready to set up shop in a vibrant community of eco entrepreneurs.
Green - Training & Testing Workshop Space
Blue - Offices
Orange - Conference Center & Classrooms
Magenta - Displays & Demonstrations
Gray - Incubator Space

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